Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tony Gould's Trio

Thursday 21 May

Chapel Off Chapel, with Tony Gould (piano) Imogen Manins (cello) and Gianni Marinucci (trumpet and flugelhorn)

If one of our jobs on this planet is to create beauty (I find it hard to disagree with the concept) then nobody's going to argue that this trio did their job very very well this evening. It really was beautiful - not just because that's the closest adjective to hand.

Oh, and Tony was wearing very cool shoes!

Songs by a number of composers. Tony made a point of mentioning that they were playing some pieces from non-locals!
  • 21.4 - look it up in the Bible. Apparently it has some significance. Note to self. A tune by Bob Magnusson (assuming no relation to Stephen)
  • Gianni's Flugelugelhorn on this was typically beautiful. A round, golden, mellow sound.
  • Lullaby by Gianni followed, bringing a tear to the eye for some reason. Or maybe it was a reaction to the smoke machine.
  • It's all in the game by Charles Dawes, later Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge.
  • Bill Dobbins' Spring Song and I can almost hear the birdies tweeting
  • Lullaby by Tamara Murphy. I heard a sniffing noise. There's a punter in the audience having a bit of a cry.
I hear it was 'a bit too beautiful' for a punter or two. Well, it takes all kinds

Thanks to Roger Mitchell for his pic of the trio.

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