Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ish Ish

“So groovy I just couldn’t get into it" and "You’re joking, when’s the real band coming on?" - these two quotes were used by Mike Glover in his introduction to Ish Ish. I checked, and they are real quotes! I know and love this band's music and it's a treat to hear this band because they don't play terribly often. But even I shifted in my seat when I heard this. Was this going to be an adventure I didn't want to have?

I was silly to worry of course. Ronny Ferella (drums) is the leader of this ensemble and led us through a number of familiar and new Ish Ish tunes.

Aside: It's always a bit odd to hear his voice emanating from the back of the stage. Punter beside me was wondering who was speaking!

Ish Ish is Ronny Ferella, Eugene Ball (trumpet) Jordan Murray (trombone) Julien Wilson (saxophone) Mark Shepherd (bass)

My notes mention breath. And there was something in the roof making the sounds of brushes on cymbals. There was movement, surprise, beauty. My first experience of hte WPAC Hall, too. It worked.

Picture of Ish Ish from Eugene Ball's website

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