Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tord Gustavsen (or was that Tod?)

I can't remember the first time I heard the Tord Gustavsen Trio but I do remember that I fell in love with the sound, then and there. It seemed to resonate exactly with some part of my melancholy heart. Not the whole heart, mind. Just a little Tord Gustavsen Trio corner of it. Inhabited by Tord G - piano, Harald Johnsen - bass and Jarle Vespestad - drums

It's a different story to the vibrant energy transfer [resistance is futile] type of thing that happened with Lost and Found last night. This taps into something else. Clear, soft piano, bass and drums. Purity and distillation that creates space to breathe, and be. The words that Mr Gustavsen put around the pieces as he announced them backwards and forwards indicated that this sense of space and being is not a mistake. In a whispery ECM-esque voice (that he slipped out of once or twice, forgetting where he was!! :-) ) he made the existentiality clear.

A highlight for me was the breathtaking (breath-holding) drum solo that Jarle Vespestad treated us to during Twins, a song that Gustavsen had written for his twin siblings... This drum solo was so full of air and space, I found myself becoming a little dizzy as I held my breath, watching and listening. He seemed to make a drum beat slow down, a touch of the cymbal last beyond the possible, beyond the single point of contact to a longer, sustained note...

Environment note: Heating and sound okay. Thanks

I had thought that we had said our last good-byes to Ocker Announcement Man at the Regent, but apparently he moved across to Hamer Hall with the festival's legends.

"Ladies n gennlemen. Ploise welc'm Tod, errr Tord Gustavs'n."

That's Gust as in gust of wind. Noice


punter101 said...

That Strine CAN be a strain! I'm sure that it leaves our international guests somewhat bemused as well as wondering just which language we (try to) speak here.

It is an embarrassment, however it does give us a little entertainment guessing just how "The Voice" will muck it up next time.

I've been enjoying your blogs. It's refreshing and entertaining to read more personal reactions to the music rather than a journalist's generally more mannered servings.

Regarding environmental conditions - you must have found the right spot - I disappointingly found Hamer Hall to be just as chilly as The Regent theatre over the past couple of evenings. Methinks that this is simply the wrong season for this festival and I hope that it returns to the summer in the future!

I look forward to your next posting.

Jonny said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Your use of imagery is very good and conveys your love of music to your readers, thank you.