Monday, April 28, 2008

Excitement builds

Well, the Melbourne Jazz advertised dates are 29 April to 4 May... which means it all starts tomorrow! But I can't see any events advertised on 29th. Maybe the Bell Awards account for the date. Rumour has it that the big dinner is on tomorrow night. A very exclusive event! If I hear any gossip, I'll post it, but no doubt the Jazz Australia website will keep you as updated as you want to be...

But me, I'll be out and about from 30 April, going to gig after gig, night after night for as much of the five day festival as I can. What to expect? Don't expect erudite reviewing. Don't be hanging off my every word... I'm going to listen, feel, respond and blog. In approximately that order. It's an experiment.

Join me if you wish! Comments welcome!

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